Here is a selection of commonly asked questions, please feel free to contact us for any other questions.


  • What is the difference between a Recycled fire bowl and an Asha bowl?

    Our Recycled fire bowls began their life as a metal oil drum and have been transformed inot a fire bowl. Therefore our Recycled fire bowls are made from recycled materials. Alos the detatachable grill sits inside the bowl on top of three tiny pins. These bowls comes in sizes 40cm-120cm.

    Our Asha bowls are handcrafted from one piece of thick steel o create a unique bowl. Our Asha bowls also comes with a hook on grill ,eaning the grill sits ontop/ inline with the rim on the bowl and the three grill hooks sit over the top of the bowl. These bowls come in sizes 60cm, 70cm and 80cm only.

  • Can I purchase a bowl without the stand or grill?

    Unfortuantely, we purchase our bowls as a set therefore we can only sell our bowls as a set instead of individual pieces.

    However, if you are just looking for a bowl, give us a call and we may be able to give you a special discount off a set.

  • How long does delivery take?


    Orders received by 1 pm will be despatched using a 24-hour courier service Monday to Friday, orders received outside of this will be despatched the next working day (Monday to Friday). You can select a Saturday delivery option, however there is an extra charge for this. Delivery costs are dependent on the service chosen and postal area, carriage costs are calculated at the point of order (This applies to all addresses with a postal code within mainland UK, anywhere outside of this area will require a bespoke carriage quotation please contact our customer service team for details on 01245 806366).

    Please ensure someone is available to receive your order. The Indian Fire Bowl Company operates with a third-party courier who may ask for the customer's assistance in off-loading the goods safely.

    We ask customers to check goods comply with the instructions sent and to notify us immediately of any quality issues. Before signing the delivery note, all packaging must be checked for signs of damage and then indicated on the delivery note accordingly.

    COLLECTION: If you choose the collect option, please note that the collection address is different from our office address, which is less than a 6-minute drive away. We will contact you upon order receipt once an order is ready and advise the collection location.

  • Will my Indian Fire Bowl Rust and is this a problem?

    As you use your Indian Fire Bowl, it will take on a natural rust as it's ageing process which is all part of the bowl’s character!

    However, our Indian Fire Bowl care kit which includes Owatrol oil, will help revive your bowl giving it a longer life span.

  • How do I store my Indian Fire Bowl?

    We recommend when not in use, fire bowls and accessories should be stored under cover in a dry place. 

    We sell a thick, robust and durable canvas cover which will help protect the bowl from light showers. Our coveres are not waterproof so strongly recommend it be kept in a shed during the winter months. 

  • How do I clean my Indian Fire Bowl?

    Simply follow the instructions on our Care & Maintenance page. 

    We also have an Indian fire bowl care kit which will help keep your bowl revived. 

  • What are the dimensions and weights of Recycled Fire Bowls?

    Approximate Size Guide

    Our Recycled Indian Fire Bowls are hand made and approximately 3mm thick.
    The sizes below are approximate and may differ slightly.

    40cm Fire Bowl on Low Stand     34cm - High - 10 KG - Up to 3 people 

    60cm Fire Bowl on Low Stand     36cm - High - 18 KG - Up to 6 people 
    60cm Fire Bowl on High Stand    64cm - High - 25 KG - Up to 6 people

    70cm Fire Bowl on Low Stand     36cm - High - 21 KG - Up to 8 people 
    70cm Fire Bowl on High Stand    66cm - High - 28 KG - Up to 8 people

    80cm Fire Bowl on Low Stand     39cm - High - 25 KG - Up to 9 people
    80cm Fire Bowl on High Stand    67cm - High - 33 KG - Up to 9 people

    90cm Fire Bowl on Low Stand     39cm - High - 30 KG - Up to 10 people 

    100cm Fire Bowl on Low Stand   40cm - High - 34.5 KG - Up to 11 people 

    110cm Fire Bowl on Low Stand   40cm - High - 34.5 KG - Up to 12 people

    120cm Fire Bowl on Low Stand    41cm - High - 49 KG - Up to 13 people

  • What are your opening hours?

    Our offices are open from 8.30 am - 5.00 pm Monday - Friday.

    If you wish to view any of our products please note that our warehouse address is different from our office address, and is less than a 6-minute drive away. Please contact us to arrange an appointment so we can advise the location details

  • Should I position my fire pit on a special surface?

    We recommend that you don’t put your fire pit directly onto a patio or stone terrace as the natural aging process can sometimes stain the surface. To prevent this you can place the fire pit on older slabs, a gravel bed or a brick platform.

    Gravel is particularly good for absorbing any fat that may fall while you’re cooking. We also recommend that you don’t place your fire pit directly onto a lawn as the heat from the fire will scorch the grass

  • What are the fire pit lids for?

    Depending on which style you choose, the fire pit lids have several uses. They:

    • Act as a table top when the fire isn’t lit
    • Keep children away from hot ashes and embers
    • Put out the fire quickly and easily and stop loose embers and sparks escaping
    • To reduce water, snow and leaves collecting in the bowl when you’re not using it
  • Is charcoal good for the garden?

    BBQ ash from your burned-down charcoal is basically wood ash, so it is perfect for enriching your soil. Wood ash is a rich natural source of potash – potassium-rich salt – that can act as a natural soil enhancer or compost. 

  • Can I collect?


    If collection is more suitable for you, then we are happy to arrange this for you. Simply contact us and we can process your order the phone and arrange a time that suits you best.

    Or if you are placing the order online, simply click the collect option and we can arrange collection with you.

    However, please do not come to collect your order until a member of our team has contacted you to arrange a time and date. This allows us time to get your order ready, thank you. 

  • How can I make my Fire Bowl safe?

    You can purchase a safety rail which will form a fence around the fire. You can purchase this amazon. They’re great for public events or if you have small children running around. However, you should always supervise children carefully when you have a fire burning.

  • How do I know when my fire is ready to cook over?

    You should light your fire at least an hour before you want to start cooking, longer if possible. This will give it a chance to burn down and create the red-hot embers you need for cooking.

    If you try and cook over flames your food will burn on the outside and may not be cooked on the inside. It also won’t taste as nice as food that has been cooked over a glowing wood fire.

    You’ll know your fire is ready to cook over when the flames have died down and you have a bed of glowing embers. They’ll give you a steady source of heat and allow your food to gently cook through and take on that delicious, smoky flavour.

Smokeless Fire Pit

  • How do I assemble my Fire Pit?

    With only two parts to put together our Fire Pits are easily assembled, simply take the smaller ashtray pedestal, and place it down first where you want your pit to be as a base. Then place the main fire pit on top interlocking with the base and your good to go.

  • How can I clean out my Fire Pit?

    Your Fire Pit can be easily cleaned out once it is safe to do so with your fire put out and Fire Pit cool, simply lift the top off and retrieve the ashtray below (when they have cooled), disposing of the contents before putting it back ready for use again.

  • Are the Fire Pits portable?

    Yes, our Fire Pits are lightweight and with the help of the grey carrier bag that comes with your Fire Pit order, you can pack up and carry your Fire Pit wherever life takes you.

  • What should I use to fuel the fire?

    For the ideal smokeless flames, a dry fuel will be required. Dry hardwoods such as oak will be ideal as they are low in moisture. As well as this wood fuel pellets will also give you the same effect. We advise you keep your fuel of choice as dry and warm as possible for the best effect.

  • How much wood should I use for my Fire Pit?

    We recommend the minimum amount of 2-3 logs to start, adding more logs when needed. It is important to keep a consistent flow of logs going to the fire to avoid it dying out too soon. If you are using wood pellets, fill up to the 5cm mark found inside your fire pit to get the best smokeless effects.

  • Where does the smoke go?

    Air is super-heated between the double walls of the Fire Pit, this extra hot air causing the smoke to get burnt off before it leaves the fire pit.

  • How heavy are the Fire Pits?

    60cm: 12.35kg

    38cm: 6.45kg

  • Does my Fire Pit come with a cover?

    Yes, your Fire Pit comes with a grey carrying bag suitable for outdoor use, keeping your pit covered as well as portable. However we advise keeping your fire pit in warm and dry conditions when not in use.

  • Where can you view our Smokeless Fire Pit Instructions?

    You can view our Smokeless Fire Pit Instructions here.