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Recycled Bowls

All of our recycled fire bowls perfectly combine raw beauty with fantastic functionality. Thanks to the wonderfully rustic recycled materials, these fire bowls provide a garden or patio with a completely unique and authentic Indian feel. 

Not only do they have an iconic style but they also boast incredible versatility. Our fire bowls are fantastic to cook with, but also work just as well as a fire pit to keep you warm at night in the colder months or use as a cooler to keep your drinks cool on a hot sunny day.

Unique Fire Bowls Made from Recycled Materials

Our recycled fire bowls originally began life as metal oil drums, however, these have been transformed into the stunning fire bowls you see here. Each fire bowl is skilfully crafted to ensure maximum strength and durability. 

Recycled Fire Bowl Uses

There are countless ways to use your recycled fire bowl, but here are a few of the most common uses: 

  • Fire Pit

  • Barbecue and Grill

  • Garden Planter 

  • Drinks Cooler

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