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Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance Guide

  • Fire Bowl Guide:

    To get the best experience from your fire bowl, simply follow the instructions below:

    1. Ensure your fire bowl is on a level surface (do not use on decking or any other wooden base)

    2. When not in use we recommend bowls and accessories should be stored undercover in a dry place to prolong its life.

    Due to the nature of steel, all Indian Fire Bowls will incur natural oxidation - this is all part of the character of the bowl. You can periodically use wire wool on the stand and bowl to remove any loose rust.

  • To use as a fire bowl:
    1. Make a pyramid using paper, placing kindling or firelighters at the centre.

    2. Light kindling or fire lighter and gradually add larger pieces of wood to increase the flames and keep it burning.

  • To use as a barbeque:
    1. Make a pyramid using charcoal and place a firelighter in the centre.

    2. Light and wait for the charcoal to turn grey/white in colour.

    3. You are now ready to cook.

  • Top Tips:
    • The centre of the grill is the hottest area, the outside edges are perfect for keeping food warm.

    • After barbecuing you can continue to use your bowl as a fire pit by adding more wood straight after cooking.

    • Only burn dry wood – the dryer the wood, less smoke there will be!

    • To prolong the life of your fire bowl, when cold apply a thin layer of vegetable oil using kitchen towel or similar in-between uses.

  • Iron Cooking Accessory Guide:

    Our iron cooking accessories are coated with a protective oil before transportation, therefore you will need to carry out a traditional ‘seasoning’ process prior to use.

    1. Burn off the coating by heating your iron cooking accessory on a medium heat (or over your lit fire bowl), let it cool and then wash in warm soapy water.

    2. Thoroughly dry and re-heat to remove any additional moisture.

    3. Whilst cold, thinly coat with vegetable oil.

    4. Wipe away any excess oil with a kitchen paper towel.

    5. Re-heat and then cool again and you are now ready to use your iron cooking accessory.

    6. Never use a dishwasher as this will remove the oil finish.

    7. Repeat the process occasionally to ensure your iron cooking accessory is kept in tip-top condition.

  • Wooden Top Guide:

    Wooden Tops are for decorative purposes only to be used to create a useful and beautiful tabletop. Wooden tops are not to be used for weather protection for a fire bowl. As with any wooden product, they are not suitable to be left outside exposed to the elements even if covered.