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Large Moroccan Lanterns

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Moroccan Lanterns 

Moroccan lanterns are an excellent addition to any garden or home as their sophisticated yet simple design can be appreciated by all. We stock small, medium-sized and large Moroccan lanterns in several colours to help you transform your interior and exterior design. 

You can purchase grey, silver, red and white Moroccan lanterns from our online store, and the sizes we stock include 60x25cm, 72x33cm and 80x38cm lanterns. This gives you the option to mix and match different options and find the perfect lantern size to suit your space. 

How to Use a Moroccan Lantern 

Our Moroccan lanterns can be used with tea lights or candles to create soft indoor and outdoor lighting. We also stock a shepherds lantern hook so you can raise your Moroccan lantern from the ground and create an even more magical atmosphere around your fire bowl.