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Indian and Moroccan Style Lanterns and Lights

Indian and Moroccan Style Lanterns and Lights

All of our Indian and Moroccan lanterns and lights help to create a peaceful and serene ambience inside and outside the home. Whether you are looking at lighting up a dark winter's night or enjoying a relaxing summer evening, these lanterns and lights are perfect for you. They all vary in size and style but all help to create a cosy and romantic feel to any evening.

Stylish Moroccan Lanterns for Your Home

We stock a selection of large Moroccan lanterns that will reinvigorate your space and create soft, ambient light to calm the senses after a long day. You can choose from grey, red, nickel and white Moroccan lanterns in a variety of sizes to match perfectly with your interior or exterior decor.

You can simply display your Moroccan lantern on a side table in your garden or home, or use our lantern hook to elevate your light. Regardless of which option you choose, your new light is sure to be the envy of your friends and visitors.

Unique Vintage Lighting and Lamps

In addition to our striking Moroccan lanterns, we also stock vintage railway lanterns and star lamps for you to choose from. Adding soft lighting in the form of a vintage light or lantern is perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere in the colder autumn and winter months. 

Where to Buy Indian and Moroccan Lanterns in the UK

The Indian Fire Bowl Company stocks lights and lanterns to suit all tastes and preferences, and just like our Indian fire bowls, they all have a unique rustic quality. From Moroccan lanterns to vintage star lights we have something for everyone, so make sure to browse the full collection to find something you love. 

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Iron Star Lamp
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Large Moroccan Lanterns
Various sizes & colours available
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Large Moroccan Star Lantern - White Only
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