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Fire bowl BBQ Guide

Fire bowl BBQ Guide


Indian Fire Bowl BBQ Guide


Come rain or shine, everyone loves a barbecue, and we as a nation especially seem to love them. But for some reason we only seem to do this in summer, when really we could enjoy these all year round, as long as it’s dry. With an Indian fire bowl you have something that not only keeps you warm at night, but also provides you with the opportunity to BBQ as much as you want. This fantastic combination means they are the perfect item for anyone who loves a BBQ. Enjoy flame grilled food all year long with these beautiful, hand-crafted fire bowls.

Nothing really beats a BBQ because, let’s face it, food just tastes better flame grilled. Everything tastes amazing on the barbecue, from steaks to salmon and everything in-between. Even fruit and vegetables find their way onto our plates easier at a BBQ, simply because they look and taste so much better cooked this way.

Here, at the Indian Fire Bowl Company, we thought we would show you a few ways in which you can go from a BBQ novice to a BBQ pro. We have researched and spoken to many chefs to be able to provide you with the ultimate BBQ guide. We have picked our top 10 tips which are sure to improve your next barbecue. Not only this, but we have also picked some of the best BBQ recipes for you to try, we have everything from grilled avocado to gluten-free burgers. Regardless of whether you have an Indian fire bowl or a normal barbecue, these tips and recipes will help you to step up your cooking game and become a true BBQ expert. 


10 tips on how to become a fire bowl BBQ expert


 1.       Get the temperature right


It’s crucial that you know how to control the heat on your grill as knowing when to cook is one the most important ways in which you can become a BBQ expert. One of the best ways to test the heat is actually with your hand. It might sound crazy but, according to Jamie Oliver, if you hold your hand about 12cm/5inches from the grill and time it then you can get a good reading on the heat. Try and remember the following measurements to ensure you know the ideal time to cook:


6 seconds – low heat

4 seconds – medium heat

2 seconds – high heat 


Fire bowl BBQ Guide


2.       Rest the meat


Resting the meat after it has been on the grill is key to keeping it soft, tender and full of flavour. Leaving it to rest for a few minutes allows the meat sinews to reabsorb the juices. Rest the meat on a warm tray on the top rack or away from the direct heat and covered with perforated foil. After just a few minutes of resting you will notice a huge difference in both flavour and texture, although we do understand how hard it is to not eat it straight away.


 3.       Don’t forget about the vegetables


Barbecues are a great way of getting people to enjoy different vegetables that wouldn’t normally try them. The trick when grilling these on a fire bowl or BBQ is to never season them. Simply slice them and grill them, no oil or marinate is needed. Once they are cooked you can add in a little extra flavour from olive oil or vinegar but try them without first, you might just be amazed at how good they really are. Also, to add a little extra flavour to your vegetables you want to try and get that beautiful charring along the bars which looks fantastic and tastes amazing.


Fire bowl BBQ Guide


4.       Get the right tools


The right equipment is essential, so many of us will just use whatever we have in the kitchen and make it work as best we can. However, a proper pair of heavy duty tongs will give you complete control over the food you and allow you to cook it evenly and thoroughly. Possibly even more important than tongs is a cooking thermometer. Not only will it let you know that your food is either safe or unsafe to eat, but it will also help you to not overcook the food and allow you to serve it at the ideal temperature.


5.       Marinate your meat


Never underestimate the power of seasoning, it can be the difference between a nice meal and an exceptional meal. Marinating your meat is the ultimate way to infuse strong and wonderful flavours into your food. It has the power to both reinvigorate a dish and bring out natural, subtle flavours. For example, a pinch of salt and garlic rubbed into a steak will bring out its rugged flavour and quickly improve the taste of the meal.  


Fire bowl BBQ Guide

6.       Don’t forget about fish


For many of us when we think about barbecues we mainly just think of burgers and sausages. Although they are a classic, why not try adding fish to your grill? It works incredibly well on a BBQ or fire bowl and shouldn’t be something we fear. Impress your friends and family by cooking smoked salmon, it’s a healthy and a delicious alternative to the usual suspects and isn’t too hard to do, especially if you have a cooking thermometer. Check out a mouth watering recipe for salmon here.


 7.       Keep one side cooler


Keeping one side of the grill cooler than the other makes timing the food so much easier. Things like chicken and sausages need to be cooked for longer on a less intense heat than beef burgers or steaks. We are all guilty at some point of burning food on the outside and not cooking it on the inside. Avoid this mistake by simply having more coal on one side than the other. This allows you to have two different temperatures on one grill making cooking easier and much simpler.


 8.       BBQ your dessert


Why not surprise everyone at the table with an impressive, homemade and barbecued dessert. It’s not the first thing you think of when you think about what food to pop on the grill, but grilling your dessert will provide it with a unique and exquisite flavour. For a fantastic BBQ dessert recipe click here.


Fire bowl BBQ Guide

9.       Keep it clean


Isn’t it annoying when the food gets stuck to your grill? It looks messy and can cause your food to fall apart. To avoid this you need to do two things; spray oil on the grill before cooking and keep it clean.

The best way of keeping your Indian fire bowl or barbecue grill clean is by using a heavy duty brush designed for that exact purpose. You will be able to clean it much more efficiently if you do it while it’s still warm. It goes without saying that you should only do this safely when there are no flames. However, if you don’t have a brush then you can actually use an onion. Cut one in half, stick a fork in the top and then use this to clean your grill. Its strength and natural disinfectant qualities make it perfect for this task. However, although it does work, a purpose made brush is still the best and easiest way of keeping it clean.


10.       Try something new


Be bold, be daring and be ambitious with your barbecue and fire bowl. Impress friends and family by trying something completely different, for example, cooking a pizza on a BBQ isn’t something that many try but those who do say it’s amazing. The trick is to cook it on a very high heat, this way the dough won’t go soggy and should make for a delicious, crispy base. It’s also worth remembering not to weigh down your pizza with too many toppings. Try to keep it light so that it sits on the grill evenly and cooks thoroughly. 



BBQ fire bowl recipes guaranteed to impress


Now that you are fully equipped with the knowledge of how to become an expert at barbecuing, it is time to check out some fantastic recipes that have all been tried and tested.  All of the recipes we have chosen work perfectly on any type of barbecue, whether it’s an Indian fire bowl or a gas grill.  These recipes will not disappoint, so simply click a category to discover some of the best recipes around. 

 Fire bowl BBQ Guide

Fire bowl BBQ Guide

Fire bowl BBQ Guide

Fire bowl BBQ Guide

Fire bowl BBQ Guide



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